Injunction Orders and Occupation Orders

If you or your children have been subject to domestic violence or harassment by a partner please contact us immediately.

We will then support your application to seek protection through a ‘Family Law Order’.  We hold a family contract with the Legal Aid Agency to supply family legal services, we are able to grant legal aid immediately if necessary.  We will also assess whether you are eligible for legal aid at the same stage.

The court can make the following orders:-

Non Molestation Injunction Order

Our family team can help to obtain a Non Molestation Injunction which can protect you.  This is used when you and/or your children have been subject to actual violence or threatened violence.  An Injunction will prohibit your husband, wife or partner from using or threatening violence against.  They are frequently used where you have been intimated or harassed.

Occupation Order

The Court can also grant you an injunction requiring your husband, wife or partner to leave your home (known as an Occupation Order).  The Court treats these applications as urgent and it is often possible to get an injunction on the same day as the application.

Our Hardings Solicitors Guarantee:-

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Home Visits (if required)
  • A Personal Service by Specialist Solicitor
  • Affordable ‘Fixed Fee Service’
  • Discount on Will Services when instructing us in any other matter


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